An Overview of Three Popular Indoor Blind Styles

Three popular styles of indoor window coverings are roller, vertical and Venetian blinds. Here's an overview of each.

Roller Blinds

Consisting of a piece of fabric that winds around a tube, roller blinds have a clean and minimal look. They work perfectly in a modern home due to their unfussy design. These blinds can also help make a compact room seem larger, as they don't clutter up the windows and block the light.

Roller blinds come in many colour options, making coordinating with a particular room easy. You can repeat the wall colour or create a bold contrast by installing a navy blind against cream walls, for example. The smooth, continuous fabric of a roller blind creates an ideal canvas for the diverse patterned designs on offer.

While a standard block-out blind only provides the option of darkness or full light, you have additional ways to control the light with a dual roller blind fitted with two pieces of fabric. This design allows you to pull down a screening fabric, providing a filtered view of the outside while maintaining privacy, or you can pull down a block-out material instead. Thus, a dual model vastly increases the versatility of the blind.

Vertical Blinds

A vertical blind is a perfect solution for large windows and glass doors. These coverings consist of vertical slats, often reaching the floor. On some models, the slats are joined at the bottom with a subtle chain or cord, keeping them neatly in line.

However, one of the benefits of vertical blinds without a bottom join is that you can pull the slats apart and step through the blind at any point, which you may want to do if open sliding glass doors are behind the blind.

Because vertical blinds consist of elongated slats, they provide sleek cover for large expanses of glass. Additionally, you can control the light flow by angling the slats in various directions, which gives you nuanced ways to change the room's brightness. The blinds can be partially closed to limit light flow but not block it.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds give a classic, decorative look to windows. Their horizontal slats are narrower than the wide slats of vertical blinds, so Venetian coverings don't evoke sleekness but give a textured effect.

You can create different looks with Venetian blinds depending on their material and colour. Aluminium designs look modern, while timber and faux wood models look rustic and traditional. You can choose beautiful white Venetian blinds or bright colours such as orange or blue to create a charming effect.

Like with vertical blinds, you can angle the slats of Venetian blinds in various ways to affect a room's brightness. For more information on blinds, contact a company near you.

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