Which fire doors should you buy?

What precautions have you taken to protect your staff and your company building if a fire breaks out? There are many things that you could do. You should have a fire alarm system in place combined with sprinklers to help put out the fire. There should be a clearly defined and accessible escape route for everyone to take when needed. There should be fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and similar protective equipment. You may even have ensured that the property was constructed from non-combustible materials, but there is one more thing that you can do to keep everyone safe. You can arrange for a fire door installation.

How can a fire door installation help?

When a fire breaks out, your first thought will be to ensure everyone can leave the building safely. This thought may be closely followed by wondering whether the fire can be quickly extinguished. Something that may not be so immediately obvious is the need to slow the spread of the fire. Once the fire has taken hold, you will want to get everyone out of the building, but that takes time. Reducing the spread of the fire gives you the time needed to escape and limits the damage within the building. Arranging for a fire door installation is the easiest way to slow down the progress a fire can make.

Selecting fire doors

When you want a fire door installation, you can't pick the first door you see. You must choose a door based on your specific requirements. One factor to consider is how long you want to restrain the fire. You can buy fire doors that will withstand the blaze for one hour, while others will prevent the spread of a fire for much longer. How long will it take to evacuate your building and for the emergency services to arrive and put out the fire? Answering these basic questions will tell you how thick your new fire door must be.

What else can impact the spread of the fire?

When you are seeking to contain a fire, one factor you can't ignore is the availability of fuel. A fire can only burn as long as there is fuel available. In a typical office or factory environment, the amount of fuel will be limited. However, if your company has a large amount of paper or other flammable material that will keep fuelling the fire, you may need a stronger fire door installation. If you store chemicals or other flammable liquids that might make the fire especially fierce, it would be helpful to consult with the fire door installation company and find the strongest possible door for your building.

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