Why It's Best to Get a Dog Door Before You Get a New Puppy

For a long time, people have had cat doors installed in their homes so that their feline companions can come and go as they please. Less common are dog doors, but as long as you have a secure backyard, it's a great way to give your dog a little more freedom.

Many people get a dog door installed as an afterthought when they've had their dog for a while and they feel like it could be beneficial. If you're planning on getting a new puppy soon, it's actually best if you have the door fitted before your new friend arrives. Here's why.

It helps reduce bad behaviour

Puppies are full of beans, and this often makes them badly behaved. They're just trying to use up all of their energy, but knowing that doesn't mean it's any easier to deal with.

Until your dog gets older and calms down a bit, having a door installed so they can go outside and work off a bit of energy is a great solution. If it's already there when you get your new puppy home, it's ready to use right away.

There's less chance of accidents in the house

One of the worst things about having a puppy is that they often go to the toilet inside the house until you've successfully trained them not to.

When you have a dog door, they're less likely to, because they'll be outside playing more and will quickly start to see that as the place to do their business. If you have your door installed before you get the dog, you minimise the risk from day one.

It gives your puppy time to get used to it

Dogs can take a while to get used to unfamiliar things, and dog doors are a struggle for them. When you have one ready to use as soon as you get your puppy, it means they can start working it out as soon as they're home.

This ensures that they'll be able to use it fairly quickly, and puppies often learn things more quickly than adult dogs, as they're still finding out a lot about their environment.

You'll have more time to consider your options

When you already have a dog, getting a dog door installed might be something you do in a hurry. By getting it fitted before you get the dog, you can give yourself more time to consider the type of door you'd like.

There's a lot to think about, like the design, security features and size, plus which door you'll have it fitted to. Having time to decide helps you make sure you get the right dog door for you and your pet.

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