Choosing a Wood Heater for Your Home

A wood heater is a great choice for any home, as a burning fire offers a stunning visual feature in a room, while the heat created by the stove can help keep a space toasty and warm. If you're in the market for a wood heater or stove for your home, you might quickly see that you have more options than you expected. So note a few details about these heaters and a few features you don't want to overlook when making your selection.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter installed in your car works to filter fumes and emissions produced by the vehicle's engine so that less pollution is released into the air. Some wood heaters will come equipped with this same type of catalytic converter. When you burn wood in the heater, the catalytic converter filters its smoke so that fewer pollutants are released through the home's chimney. 

Not only are these heaters more eco-friendly than standard wood-burning heaters and fireplaces, but they also typically use less wood overall. If you do choose a heater with a catalytic converter, note that that part will need replacing over the years, so be sure you consider that replacement cost when deciding on a heater for your home. 

Pellet Stoves

A pellet stove doesn't use standard firewood, but burns pellets that are made from dried wood and other waste materials, or even dried corn kernels. A pellet stove will typically produce fewer emissions than a standard wood-burning heater or fireplace, and using this waste material rather than harvested wood also makes pellet stoves a good choice for the environment. 

If you're choosing a pellet stove, note that it may need electricity to operate, so be sure your home has adequate wiring to support its electrical demands. You'll need ensure you can find supplies of the pellets needed for the stove itself!


A wood stove may not necessarily generate enough heat to make a large room feel warm, much less will it heat your entire home. However, if you do want to use the wood stove for actual heating, invest in a stove fan, which is installed at the top of the wood stove and which blows heat produced by the stove throughout your room. There are also plug-in blowers you can buy that are meant for wood stoves in particular; these usually sit at the base of the stove, and they also allow you to disperse heat from the stove as needed. 

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