Simple Things That Can Complicate Wardrobe Door Installation

The doors of a wardrobe can often be the part that pulls the wardrobe together visually, or it can be the part that makes the entire thing look terrible. Getting a custom-made wardrobe door is actually not that hard; what causes issues is the lack of accurate or complete measurements. Manufacturers need to know what size of door you need in addition to which type, and you need to be sure features in your home won't interfere with the door. Once you have all that settled, you should have a door that completes the wardrobe in both practical and cosmetic senses. So, when you're about to order that door, look for these issues ahead of time to reduce the possibility of complications.

Uneven Floors

While builders do their best to make the floors level in the buildings they construct, those same floors can become uneven for a number of reasons. The building could be settling, the floor boards might have warped over the years, and so on. Take a level to the floor by the base of the wardrobe to see if it's level. If it is, then you can get any number of styles of door, from sliding to swinging. If it's uneven, however, a sliding door won't work unless you take steps to make the floor even. If you're not going to do that, then an accordion-style folding door or a swinging door are best as those don't rely on contact with the floor.

Narrow Wardrobe Openings

If you've got a new wardrobe or a freestanding one you bought commercially, the opening where the door would go should be standardised and able to fit doors easily. If the wardrobe is older and built into the wall, the opening might be different. It could be too narrow for sliding doors, for example. Measure the opening and see what other options would fit in that odd space.

No Clearance for Non-Sliding Doors

So you've figured out that sliding doors wouldn't be a good idea (or you've decided you just don't want them). Now you need to make sure there's enough clearance for non-sliding doors to open. You may have to move furniture out of the way or move a freestanding wardrobe over to the middle of the wall so that the door doesn't bump into the wall when you try to pull it open all the way. Otherwise, the access into the wardrobe could feel very restricted, even if you can get clothing out.

Take measurements, check the floor with a level, and then call companies that customise wardrobe doors. Even if you're trying to find a replacement door for an old wardrobe, the company should be able to come up with something that fits well.

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